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Information, insight, and guidance on enterprise communications.

Ideation Solutions

Product and service solutions that foster collaboration and teaming, and typically include:

Communication Platforms

Product and service offerings powering enterprise communications including:

Group Video Products

Hardware / software products that enable two-way video calling with meeting rooms.

AV Products & Services

Audio-visual (AV) product and service offerings for enterprise meeting rooms.

What We Offer

Hard-Hitting and Objective
Research Content

Timely information about the companies, products, services, technologies, and trends in enterprise communications.

Actionable Insights
and Recommendations

Real-world guidance and assistance for those buying, selling, and developing enterprise communications solutions.

Personalized Support
and Service

Our analysts, researchers, and support staff are dedicated to your success. At RR, we make it personal. No middlemen allowed.

Areas of Expertise

Recon Research (RR) is a market research, analyst, and consulting firm
focused on the enterprise communications space.

Audio Visual (AV)

Video Conferencing (VC)

Unified Communications (UC)

Ideation Solutions

Wireless Presentation (WPS)

How We’re Different

It’s our attitude – or lack of attitude – that makes us different.

We Talk to Everyone

At Recon Research, we conduct hundreds of briefings each year with product vendors, service providers, channel partners, and other industry participants. What makes this special?

  1. These are not paid advisory sessions. These are interactive discussions about what’s happening in the industry.
  2. We talk to everyone – from the largest vendor to the smallest integration shop or software development company.
  3. We’ve been doing this for more than 15 years!

More than anything else, our ongoing company briefings are the secret sauce behind our expertise.

Real-World Experience

The analysts at Recon Research are not simply business-school graduates. We are industry professionals with extensive, first-hand experience doing exactly what you do.

  • We were enterprise AV / IT managers.
  • We were AV / VC / UC product vendors.
  • We were channel partners.
  • We were system designers.

Sure – we learn new things every day. But when we tell you we understand what you’re dealing with, we really do!

Hands-On Solution Testing

At Recon Research, we roll up our sleeves and dig in. We don’t rely on websites and spec sheets. We install, test, and personally use the solutions we cover and recommend.

More than 15 years ago, we launched the industry’s first objective test lab for collaboration solutions. Since then we have evaluated hundreds of communication products and services. Just recently, our team completed hands-on testing of more than 50 (yes – this is not a typo) meeting room collaboration solutions and 10 UC as a Service (UCaaS) offerings.

When you’re looking for reliable, dependable, and actionable guidance, only RR brings this level of first-hand experience to the table.

Honest and Direct – All the Time

This is not a popularity contest, and we are not here to just agree with everything you have to say. We’re here to help you succeed.

Whether we’re discussing a possible new product or service, a go-to-market challenge, a potential partnership, or some other challenge, we will always give you our honest opinion. No marketing fluff. No fancy words. No esoteric concepts.

Furthermore, we will always tell you the reasons behind our opinion. You may not always like what we have to say, but you will always understand why we believe what we do.

As your advisors, this is our responsibility, and we take it very seriously.

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